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Basement Waterproofing

Water damage affects almost 85% of all homes. This basement water is a common problem for poured concrete basements, block basements and especially rock basements. Sealing out water from your home, with quality basement waterproofing products, will allow you to utilize every square inch of potential living space and keep your home structurally sound for years to come.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Florida

Frequently, waterproofing systems that were installed when the home was built are found to be of poor quality. The exterior spray used on many foundation walls was not a waterproofing material, but a damp-roofing material. Combined with exterior drain systems that were not installed correctly and were routed to poor performing sump pits or basins, this results in a wet basements and the need for foundation repair.

We replace current, ineffective systems with high-quality sealed systems designed to keep your home healthy and free of water for many years to come. Some of the common methods that can be used to waterproof the exterior of your home include:

  • Exterior waterproofing FLExterior waterproof membrane on foundation walls
  • French drain system
  • Surface drainage techniques
  • Yard drainage - drainage wells and sheet drains

With crack sealing procedures and foundation repair, these methods effectively keep water out of your home.

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Interior Basement Waterproofing for FL Homes

Interior Basement Waterproofing FloridaOpen interior basement systems cause humidity and radon problems in many basements across the country. To prevent these issues, we install high-quality closed interior drainage systems. Sealed interior drainage systems are a combination of a sealed sump pit and a sealed drain tile system that locks moisture and soil gases below the basement floor. We even offer free waterproofing estimates to ensure that you get the best solution for your home.

For all of your basement waterproofing needs in Lake City, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, FL and the surrounding areas, contact the experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida today!

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