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PROJECT: Underpinning & Flowable Fill – Pensacola, FL

Soil Erosion Under Foundation in Pensacola, FL

underpinning and flowable fill pensacola, flA few years ago, Foundation Professionals of Florida completed this underpinning and flowable fill foundation repair job in Pensacola, Florida. Pensacola had flash flooding in April 2014 that brought a little over 20 inches of rain in 2 days. The flash flooding caused this particular home to lose approximately 30 percent of the soil beneath the foundation. When the homeowners noticed this loss of soil under their home, they called our expert foundation repair team for a free estimate and professional repair solutions.

This kind of erosion from storm water is common in sandy Florida soils. When areas receive a large amount of rain, particularly after a long dry period, water will seep into holes in the ground and wash away the dry sandy soil under your concrete. This can then cause the above foundation to sink, shift, and develop cracks. Foundation problems like these can result in severe structural damage. If you have flash flooding and notice erosion around your home, take a leaf out of this homeowner’s book and call Foundation Professionals of Florida right away.

The Solution – Underpinning and Flowable Fill

When the homeowner contacted us we derived a solution to ensure that the home would be stable after such devastation. We determined that the best solution for this home was a two-part process:

  1. First, we installed underpinning piers to absorb the weight of the home in the voided area of the foundation. These piers helped to lift the foundation to virtually its original position.
  2. Next, we framed the voided area and pumped concrete underneath the home to fill the void. The area was backfilled and the home was properly stabilized to prevent further sinking due to future soil movement or erosion.

Once our repair work was done, our team cleaned up the site and left the homeowners to enjoy their newly repaired Pensacola home. To find out if underpinning and flowable fill could work for your foundation problems, give us a call today.

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