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My Yard is Settling…Do I Have a Sinkhole?

Settling Florida Yards May Mean a Sinkhole

sinkhole settlementSinkholes are a serious problem, and so it’s smart to be worried if you notice a settling yard. This can be a sign that a sinkhole may be right around the corner. Detecting the signs of a sinkhole are very complicated because sinkhole activity is not visible to the naked eye unless a hole opens up in the ground. Many other factors can trigger a settling foundation like buried trash and broken underground pipes. To give you peace of mind, Foundation Professionals of Florida can examine the ground surface to determine the cause of your settling or damaged yard. We service the Tampa, Tallahassee, Orlando, and Jacksonville area.

No matter the age of your home, settling foundation will occur. Our team of professionals look for symptoms of sinkhole activity but we can also help you determine what exactly is causing your foundation failure. Homeowners should also be aware of and understand the warning signs of sinkhole damages inside and outside of your home. Does your driveway have cracks? If your driveway seems hollow or has a noticeable slope, these may be signs that there is a sinkhole in your future. Find out if your neighbors have sinkholes because if they do there may be a chance it could affect your home. On the ground’s surface, also, be aware of depressions and nearby water bodies because these may be harmful to the condition of your foundation.

Examine the windows, doors, drains, kitchen, bathrooms, cabinets, and floors in the home. Are windows hard to close? The weak parts of a wall are the windows and the window frames. They are the first parts inside the home that show signs of stress. Are your floors leveled? Sinkhole activity can cause your home to drop slightly. Look at the interior walls for water spots and nail popping. Water spots that are wet or dry should be examined. This could be signs of a leak or flood. Nails that are popping out of the drywall and become visible are also indicators. To be completely sure you should contact Foundation Pros of Florida who can definitely tell you whether or not you have a sinkhole or just experiencing foundation failure.

Other ways to tell if you have a sinkhole include analyzing your bills every month to see if there is an increase in the electric bill. Sinkhole activity can shift the foundation and structure of your home which causes it to lose energy. Heating and cooling costs can increase. The shifting can also result to a high water bill due to leaking pipes.

Foundation Professionals of Florida can examine the ground surface to determine the cause of your settling or damaged yard. We service the Tampa, Tallahassee, Orlando, and Jacksonville area. Call us today!

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