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Keep an Eye on Your Home for Florida Foundation Problems

Florida Foundation Problems

Florida Foundation Problems

Homeowners in Florida often encounter Florida foundation problems in their home or business because of poor soil conditions.  It is quite common for buildings in Florida to shift and sink.  A cracked foundation can lead to a multitude of problems within a structure.  It is important to be aware of signs of foundation failure and to always be searching for those signs.  There are solutions to foundation issues and Foundation Professionals of Florida can help you find your Florida foundation problems and offer you solutions to fix them.  We are experts in our area, and we know what to do in Florida’s unique soils.

It is critical that the cracked foundation is repaired early in the game.  Ignoring the problem or letting it go until later is a common mistake homeowners make.  Like many repairs, the longer you ignore it the bigger the problem becomes.  Your foundation is the support system for your entire home.   It provides a level, flat surface for your home’s entire structure.  Problems in Florida usually arise when the soil underneath starts to move and change. Florida’s limestone base creates an unsteady surface that often changes with water and moisture conditions.   Sinkholes are common as well, causing a great deal of concern and fear.

Even if you don’t catch an actual crack in the foundation structure you may begin to notice flaws inside your home.   You may see cracks in the walls, or separations may appear between the floor and the wall or the wall and the ceiling.  Floors can become slanted or uneven.  One of the most obvious clues is when doors and windows are no longer aligned and become difficult to open or close. Homeowners sometimes notice that nails are starting to pop out of the home’s framework.  It’s possible for a shifting foundation to cause cracks in floors or even tiles on a floor or wall. You will notice clues both inside and out, and it’s wise to act quickly to give you the peace of mind that your home will remain structurally sound and safe for your family.

How to fix Florida foundation problems?

There are products on the market that say that they can fix foundation problems.  It is very important that home handymen realize that true foundation repairs should be left to the experts.  After the structure has been professionally repaired there will be cosmetic repairs that the handyman will be able to do.  Florida experiences extremes in soil conditions and sinkhole problems.  Even finding a small sinkhole nearby on your property can cause an eventual threat to the under structure of your home.  Hiring firms that are familiar with Florida foundation repair and building in Florida’s unusual soil conditions will ensure a quality foundation for your home.

Contact Foundation Professionals of Florida to work as your partner in finding solutions and repairs that you can afford.  We offer experienced crews and reliable methods to take a close look at individual needs and provide workable techniques that will return your home to a structure that will stand the test of time.  As one of the top foundation repair businesses in the state we can offer a wide range of beneficial and affordable services to Florida’s homeowners.  When you see that first sign of foundation failure, give us a call.  Our name says it all…..Foundation Professionals of Florida.

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