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Carbon Fiber Repair

One of the most concerning problems that homeowners run into with their foundations is bowing and leaning foundation walls. If you notice that your basement walls have started to bow or lean inward or that they have developed major horizontal cracks, this could be a sign of major structural settlement. One effective way to repair this settlement is with the use of carbon fiber repair.

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comemrcial carbon fiber repair fl
commercial carbon fiber repairflorida

The above pictures show some carbon fiber repair that the guys did on a Michael's building here in Florida. Scroll over the pictures to enlarge!

Often, settlement and basement wall shifting in your home are due to increased hydrostatic pressure in the ground. As the ground soaks in more and more water, the hydrostatic pressure will rise. This pressure pushes against your basement and foundation walls and can cause them to bow, lean, and crack. Settlement resulting in bowed or cracking basement walls can also be caused by shifting soil. When sinkholes collapse, or when erosion washes away soil underground, the soil around your foundation can start to move and bulge, causing the concrete to crack or bow inward.

carbon fiber shear slide repairFortunately, there is a reliable repair option for this problem - carbon fiber. This material offers versatile repair options:

  • Carbon Fiber Straps: Wall Straightening
  • Carbon Fiber Staples: Floor Crack Repair
  • Carbon Fiber Grid Straps: Concrete Corner Repair
  • Carbon Anchors: Wall Movement Repair

Before becoming popular for foundation repair, carbon fiber was primarily used to stabilize and reinforce bridges, highways, parking garages, and other large structures. This means that carbon fiber is strong enough to handle the foundation problems in your Florida home. In addition, carbon fiber materials can be covered to reduce the appearance of the carbon fiber repairs in your home.

Fortress Carbon Fiber Repair for Florida Homes

We use Fortress Stabilization Systems for carbon fiber applications to fix cracks and bowing walls in your home. Fortress is the leading carbon fiber supplier in the industry and these products will ensure a long-lasting and secure repair in your home.

Some benefits of using carbon fiber to fix concrete cracks and settlement in your home include:

  • More cost-effective than using steel beams
  • Repairs can be completed in a timely manner - usually one day
  • Offers durable and reliable stability for your foundation
  • No further maintenance required from the homeowner
  • Can be easily concealed with paint
  • Lightweight and minimally invasive repair solution
  • Does not compromise the integrity or shape of your structure

carbon fiber repair floridafl wall crack carbon fiber repair

In addition to using carbon fiber for your basement, we can use carbon fiber stabilization techniques to repair seawalls that have started to bow and lean. Whether you are having issues in your foundation or your seawall, consider calling our experts and asking about carbon fiber repair options for your Florida home. Our team has the experience required to assess your foundation problems and determine the best solution, whether that is carbon fiber strips, staples, or anchors from Fortress Stabilization Systems.

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