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Compaction Grouting for Stabilizing Soil in Florida

Prime Resins has been stabilizing soil for over 20 years with our Prime Flex polyurethane foams and gels. The techniques used are dependent on what you are trying to accomplish and what type of equipment you have available. One method of stabilizing soil is compaction grouting.

compaction grouting Jacksonville, Tampa FloridaWhat is compaction grouting? Compaction grouting is a method where fast setting polyurethane foam is injected into loose soil. The foam expands rapidly forming balls or columns of dense structural foam. The expansion compacts the surrounding soils and increases the load bearing capacity.

Our Precision Lift foams can be injected into soil using specialized equipment that heats the resin and speeds up the reaction. The expansive forces of the foam combined with the injection pressure from the pump compact the soil and fill voids in the area immediately adjacent to the foam.

Prime Flex 920 with a full dose of catalyst can also be used to compact soil. In this case the reaction time is accelerated so that loose soil adjacent to the probe is forced outward as the resin expands.

Compaction Grouting Applications

Because compaction grouting strengthens the ground, it is used to stabilize underground structures for pipes and tunnels. It can also stop foundation settlement, increase bearing capacity of soils, and treat sites with sinkhole activity.

Compaction grouting can be applied to the following subsurface conditions.

  • Sinking or settling structures
  • Voids
  • Sinkholes
  • Loose or weak soils
  • Poorly compact fills
  • Collapsible soils
  • Above or below water tables
  • Constricted areas

Compaction & Permeation Grouting

Soil stabilization and compaction grouting FloridaInjecting any of our foams can actually both permeate and compact soil at the same time. Depending on the reaction time of the material (controlled by formulation, amount of catalyst, and temperature settings of equipment), the foam will permeate the soil as it is expanding. Once the outer layers of the foam begin to solidify, the permeation process ends and the compaction process begins. Injection pressures from the pump and expansive pressure from the continuously injected resin force the outer material tight against the surrounding soil causing it to compact. This all happens in minutes and allows treated areas to be returned to service immediately.

Contact the experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida for all of your compaction grouting needs. We also offer seawall repair for residents in Lake City, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas of central Florida.

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