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Florida Beach Erosion

You have a beautiful Florida beachfront home, but the beach is no longer there. The beach has eroded away and you are worried about the value of your property. More importantly, this is something that you should be enjoying, and likely one of the reasons that your purchased your home or property. This is a fixable problem and Foundation Professionals of Florida can help. We are the Florida beach erosion specialists!

What causes erosion?

Erosion is caused by many natural and man-made problems. Some erosion results from the very slow rise of the sea level. Another big natural factor is weather. Hurricanes, tropical storms, and other strong weather systems play largely into beach erosion. Coastal Development that is not well thought out can also wreck havoc on the coastline. Construction projects can cause trapping of sand which removes it from the normal flow out and flow in of sand. This can be a major cause of beach erosion. Erosion is an issue around the whole coast of Florida but 5 percent of it is at critical levels.

Florida Erosion Control

Foundation professionals of Florida has useful and inovative ways to help you with Florida erosion control. If you don't have the proper drainage setup around your home, it is very likely that the soils and sand around your home will erode in the Florida weather. We have a team of foundation experts that can install an exterior drainage system for your home. What this will do is move excess water away from your foundation, and protect the soils and sand around your home. This will keep your foundation safe and dry, which will make for a healthier home in general. If your foundation is in great shape, it helps keep the value of your home up, and protects the rest of the structure.

Every home sits atop a very specific soil mixture. In Florida it is not uncommon to have a soil/sand/limestone mixture. These materials, when not compacted enough, can cause your foundation to settle. Settling causes wall cracks, sloping floors, leaning chimneys, and a host of other problems. With the Florida Erosion team at Foundation Professionals of Florida, we can handle all these problems as well. We offer underpinning solutions such as helical piers that will lift your foundation, or chimney back into place and add support and stability. We offer grouting services to fix cracks and fill voids. You can count on us for all your foundation and erosion needs.

You may want to consider building a seawall to protect your property. If have a seawall, check and see if it is in disrepair - or have Foundation Professionals of Florida come take a look and offer an estimate on seawall repair. Other options are geotextiles and natural vegetation such as coir (a coconut fiber log) are great solutions as well. For more information call the Florida beach erosion experts at Foundation Pros. We can find the best solution for your budget and have your beach looking beautiful fast. Let's help keep the coastlines of Florida beautiful, and your beachfront property beautiful as well. We serve the cities of Tallahassee, Lake City and Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas. Call Foundation Pros today!

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