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Gaps in Doors and Windows in Florida

Window and Door Gaps FLIf you think that you are experiencing foundation failure in your home, take a look around to search for signs of failure. Obvious signs include foundation cracks, bowing and cracking exterior walls, and sloping floors. There are, however, other signs of failure that you may not notice right away. For example, many people do not realize that the draftiness in their home could be due to foundation problems. If there are gaps around your windows and doors that are letting air into the home, it could be the result of foundation settlement or sinking.

One main cause of foundation sinking is erosion or soil displacement under the home. Because of the layer of expansive soil under many areas in Florida, your home may be prone to foundation movement. As this expansive soil soaks in more water, it expands and pushes on the foundation to cause heaving or shifting. This can push the walls of the home and cause them to pull away from the windows and doors, leaving gaps. If the soil under your home dries out, it will shrink, leading to foundation settlement as voids form under the home. These voids can also form if water erodes the soil under your home. However they form, they often cause the concrete to sink due to a lack of support, which pulls the home walls down and can form gaps around windows and doors.

If you see that there are gaps around your windows and doors, do not dismiss the issue. Take a look for other foundation problems such as sloped floors or bowing walls to see if foundation settlement is a problem in your Florida home. If you notice other signs, contact the repair team at Foundation Professionals of Florida at once to take care of the issue.

Solutions to Fix Gaps in Doors and Windows

Window Door Gap Foundation Repair Solution in FLFortunately for Florida homeowners, the expert foundation repair crew at Foundation Professionals of Florida are able to provide the solutions needed to fix gaps in doors and windows and lift settling foundations.

Some of the options we use to repair this problem in your home include:

  • Steel Push Piers
  • Helical Piers
  • Structural Repair
  • Void Filling

If your foundation has started sinking as a result of soil movement, we can install underpinning piers from ECP (Earth Contact Products). These devices, steel piers and helical piers, are used like steel stilts that are installed under the concrete to lift and stabilize the home. By anchoring into deep soils, they offer both support and lift. Steel piers are driven into the ground, whereas helical piers are screwed into the ground.

Another solution is to use void filing techniques to lift the foundation and stabilize soil below. We offer several different types of cement grouting and polyurethane injection methods to fill voids, including low-mobility grouting and compaction grouting. These methods use a cement or polyurethane grout that is injected beneath the concrete to fill in the voids and compact the soil around these voids. The grout usually expands and raises the slab back to its original level to reverse settlement.

We even offer structural repair with professional structural engineers to repair your foundation. Contact Foundation Professionals of Florida today to learn how we can solve your window and door gap problems in the Jacksonville, FL area.

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