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Loss of Pool Water Might indicate a Sinkhole in Florida

Is your pool leaking water? Do you have cracked tiles inside of the pool area? Loss of pool water is an indicator that you may have sinkhole activity on your property. Just like your home's foundation, swimming pools can undergo foundation damage due to sinkhole activity that causes cracking and shifting concrete. Sinkhole activity is triggered by several factors such as:Pool water repair Florida

  • Emptying pools
  • Leaky pools
  • Soil erosion
  • Drilled wells
  • Low groundwater tables

So what are sinkholes? Sinkholes are pits in the ground that are created where water accumulates without adequate drainage. As water enters the soil, it absorbs carbon dioxide. Since Florida's soil consists of limestone, the ground is very porous. Water travels through the limestone beneath the foundation, causing erosion and movement. Over time, large cavities are formed and the ground above the cavity eventually collapses.

If your Orlando pool is improperly installed and produce leaks, water absorbs into the bedrock and triggers sinkhole activity. You may not be aware that you have a leak. The experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida are also you expert leak locators. We have the expertise to come and inspect your pool and pool deck to see if there are leaks that may cause further damage. Excess water from the pool mixes with the soil and the ground behaves like quicksand. Sometimes sinkholes do not produce warning signs, but it is a good idea to inspect your home for new cracks. Since sinkhole activity is usually accompanied by other warning signs, look for the following signs on your property such as:

  • Sticking windows and doors
  • Wide stair-step foundation cracks
  • Basement floor cracks
  • Standing water in the yard
  • Leaning fence posts
  • Leaning trees and shrubs

If you notice any of these signs in conjunction with loss of pool water, you may have sinkhole activity. Contact Foundation Professionals of Florida so we can assess your swimming pool and determine the best sinkhole repair solution. We are the sinkhole hole indicator experts in Orange County, Florida.

Sinkhole Repair Solutions and Crack Injection Solutions in Florida

At Foundation Professionals of Florida, we offer sinkhole repair solutions for your home. Our sinkhole repair methods include:

  • Compaction Grouting: This type of grouting uses controlled displacement to compact loose or soft soils. It stabilizes the structure, controls settlement, and removes contaminants from the ground. To compact the soil, a stiff mortar-like grout is injected into the soil. This creates structural support for the foundation.
  • Void Filling: Void filling fills in spaces that are caused by soil erosion or settlement. Soil erosion occurs when water gathers under the concrete, causing the slab to sink where the voids are formed. Soil that is not compacted correctly leads to sinking concrete.

Soil-related issues on your property can be caused by man-made occurrences. Make sure your swimming pool is properly installed to avoid water seepage. If you have cracks in your swimming pool, make the necessary repairs to avoid gathering water underneath the foundation. If you have underground leaks on your property, we also offer leak and pipe repair in Florida. Pool water loss FloridaOur experts use Prime Flex polyurethane resin products to eliminate leaks and to fill in voids without excavating your yard. Our low viscosity injection resins can be used for swimming pools, as well as other applications, including the following: pump stations, tanks, tunnels, and dams. For all of your underground leak repair concerns, contact Foundation Professionals of Florida. We will repair your pipes and guard your foundation from sinkhole activity.

For sinkhole activity on your Orlando, FL property, give Foundation Professionals of Florida a call. We will come to your location and examine your property for sinkhole activity. We offer quality, effective sinkhole repair solutions. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

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