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Pool Deck Problems in Florida

Pool deck problems FLDo you have a dipping or settling concrete pool deck? Settling pool decks can create a dangerous uneven surface. In the Orlando, FL area, settlement is a common problem due to ground movement and voids. As a result, many homeowners encounter cracks in their foundation, walls and in their pools. A crack in your concrete pool deck often results in loss of water and pool chemicals. This could be a huge loss for homeowners. If you have a cracking or settling concrete pool, contact the professionals at Foundations Pros of Florida. We offer pool deck leveling services to lift and permanently stabilize your settling pool deck back to normal. We'll help you avoid trip hazards, and increase the longevity of your pool deck.

There are several factors that cause pool deck settlement in Orange County. Sometimes, settlement may be a slow and steady process. Other times it may occur suddenly. Regardless of when it occurs, it's important to know what is causing your settlement. The most common causes of settlement include:

  • Salt exposure: Concrete surfaces are susceptible to deterioration when exposed to salt.
  • Rough surface: Without water shoes on, rough concrete surfaces can cause bloody toes and feet.
  • Poor pool construction: When the pool is constructed, the backfill material is improperly compacted. As a result, the soil settles and creates voids under the pool deck.
  • Heavy concrete slab: Heavy concrete slab around the pool can cause loose soil to compress under the slab. This leads to settlement and sinking concrete surfaces.
  • Fluctuating weather patterns: Hot weather conditions and cold weather causes the concrete to expand and contract. Freeze and thaw conditions can also be a major factor.

Signs of Concrete Pool Deck Settlement in FL Homes

There are obvious signs of concrete pool deck problems. The sooner you identify these signs, the less damage there will be to the concrete surface and pool. Some of these signs are:

  • Excessive downhill slope
  • Cracks in the slab
  • Sinking or settling concrete
  • Separation at the pool coping
  • Trip hazards between sections

If you notice pool deck problems, let the experts inspect your home today. We offer the latest pool deck repairs to get your Orange County pool ready for summer.

Concrete Pool Deck Repair in Orlando, FL

Pool deck repair Orange County, FloridaFoundation Professionals of Florida offers concrete repair solutions for you pool deck. We can stabilize and level your pool deck by using compaction grouting or permeation grouting solutions. Compaction grouting involves injecting polyurethane foam into the affected concrete surface. As the foam expands under the concrete, it fills in the voids and compacts the soil.

Permeation grouting, a slower process, involves injecting foam into the soil. It permeates the soil before it expands. After it is cured, the soil particles are glued together.

Both methods are used to permanently lift and stabilize your concrete pool deck back to normal. If your pool is cracking, contact our experts today. Cracking pool decks are not only unsightly, they can be hazardous. We have the knowledge and experience to handle all pool cracks in Orlando, Florida. Don't let your local handyman try to repair it. You need to contact a professional to make sure the job is done correctly and on time. We repair pool cracks and leaks. Call us today for an estimate.

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