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Seawall Erosion & Repair in Florida

Seawall erosion FloridaSeawalls are constructed from a variety of materials such as, reinforced concrete, boulders, steel, gabions, vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiberglass composite, or sandbags. The function of seawalls, also known as bulkheads, lake walls, or retaining walls, is to minimize the erosion of soil particles into the water and serve as a form of defense between land and water. One of the main challenges of owning waterfront property is erosion caused by surges and tidal fluctuation. A seawall is an invaluable structure for those homeowners who live close to the water and rely on the wall to protect their property from water damage. The constant fluctuation of the water levels and battering of the wall by the elements can range from unsightly cracks and pitted surfaces to total failure.

Once you see an area of your seawall starting to fail, it is time for seawall erosion repair. Putting it off will only cost you more in the long run. The following photograph depicts signs of advanced erosion and undermining of the seawall foundation and the beginning of the failure stage. Contact Foundation Professionals of Florida for your seawall repair in Florida. We serve many areas of Florida for bulkhead and seawall repairs including Pinellas County, Lake County, Citrus County, Hernando County, Hills-Borough County, and Manatee County. Anywhere in Florida where seawall problems or bulkhead problems occur, we can assist.

Seawall Failure and Protection in Florida

Seawall erosion repair may be an attractive option when faced with soil erosion. Why spend the extra dollars for a new seawall when, in most cases, you can repair the one you already have before it's too late? This is a critical time for your wall. Once damage is visible, there tends to be a very small window of time for seawall repair. If seawall cracks and the undermining of soils are left unattended, you will be in the market for a new section of wall or a complete new wall. If you notice a loss of soil, cracking, sinking or rotation of your seawall it is recommended that you have your seawall repaired. If you live in central Florida, contact Foundation Professionals of Florida for your seawall repair options.

Seawall Repair Solutions

Seawall erosion and repair Jacksonville FLOne of the economically feasible alternatives to repairing a distressed or failed seawall structure is Targeted Grout Injection (TGI. The TGI solution consists of injecting a polyurethane resin through a 3/8"- ID port to stop leaks and to fill underground voids. NO DIGGING, NO EXCAVATION!

Our products are extremely thin liquid resins and react with moisture when injected into soil, forming a rock hard, water-tight mass. Prime Flex 910 is used to stabilize loose soils or sands, stop underground water flows and leaking sea walls. Prime Resins Products are inert and harmless to our environment. These products are ANCI/NSF certified for use in potable water tanks.

Typically, conditions behind seawalls dictate working with wet soils and often below the water level. For wet soils or below water level environments, Foundation Professionals offer leak repair resins referred to as hydrophobic grout. This type of resins are typically used to fill voids and stabilize soils due to their low viscosity, high expansion rate, and ability to cure under wet conditions without diluting. When injected into wet loose soils, it repels water by expanding and filling voids. Hydrophobic material is virtually unaffected by fluctuation in the moisture content and retains its strength, size, and impermeability under almost all soil conditions.

Our experienced personnel will assist you with your seawall repair issues which are caused by organic soils, swelling clays, poor compaction, improper footing embedment, and erosion or run off. Please contact any of our experts to discuss your specific needs. We look forward to working with you and being a part of your team.

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