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Service Area - Florida & Surrounding States

Foundation Professionals of Florida provides foundation repair, sinkhole repair and many other services throughout the states of Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Virgin Islands and Florida Keys. See the map below and click on your state to learn about our services in that area!

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Services We Offer in FL, GA, NC, SC, MS, AL, TN

Foundation Repair
Our team is able to handle all sorts of foundation and slab failures, from cracks, to settlement, to shifting or heaving. We offer underpinning options using quality piers from ECP to raise and support foundations, polyurethane injections to lift slabs and stabilize soil, and carbon fiber repair to stabilize foundation walls. Let us examine your foundation and provide a free estimate. LEARN MORE.

Seawall Repair
If you have noticed problems with your seawall--cracks, sinking, deterioration--erosion could become an issue, washing away the soil around your seawall and threatening your home. We offer seawall repair to fix these issues as well as seawall construction to replace old seawalls or build entirely new ones for your residential or commercial property. LEARN MORE.

Sinkhole Remediation
When sinkholes open up in your yard or on your property, they can cause hazardous issues such as home collapse, uneven slabs, or water pooling. Do not let these problems ruin your home or foundation or put you and your family in danger. Contact us to take a look at the seawall and offer remediation solutions today. LEARN MORE.

Cracks in your foundation and low spots in the yard can allow water to collect near your foundation and seep inside your home. This leads to mold, wood rot, and structural instability. Let us provide you with professional waterproofing solutions to keep your home dry and safe. LEARN MORE.

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