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What Causes a Settling Foundation in Florida?

settling foundation floridaNo matter the age of your home, there is a possibility that the foundation has settled. There are many causes of foundation settlement, some by nature and some by man. Just as there are many causes, there are many signs that you may be in need of foundation repair. Foundation Professionals of Florida is your expert service provider for settling foundations in Florida.

A settling foundation can be caused in multiple ways. If soil is not well-compacted when a home is built, it will easily experience settling. Nature can cause problems, too. Over time, the soils beneath a home compact and expand with changes in temperature and saturation. The more this happens, the weaker soils become. If temperatures or saturation change very quickly, it is even harder on the soil. Eventually, your home's foundation may begin to settle into the soils beneath it because they do not have their original strength. If the soils around your home are extremely saturated, they will cause hydrostatic pressure on your foundation. When this pressure becomes too much to bear, your foundation will crack, letting the saturation inside of your home. All of these can cause problems for your home, but if you catch them early, the damage can be limited.

How to Repair a Settling Foundation in FL

steel piers for settling foundationsIf you have noticed any types of cracks in your walls (especially in your basement, slab, or sheetrock walls,) you may be in need of foundation repair. Sticking doors and windows are a red flag of foundation settlement. Water puddles around your home may also be an indicator of settlement, as well as severely cracked or sloping floors. If you have noticed any of the above, call your professionals at Foundation Professionals of Florida right away. We will repair the problem before it decreases the value of your home.

Steel push piers will most likely be used to fix your settling foundation. Their purpose is to give new support to foundations that have lost their original stability and strength. These piers are like stilts that penetrate into the ground to stabilize the foundation with the support of deep soils. Steel push piers can even lift a foundation to its originally intended level.

If you think your home is experiencing foundation settlement, don't wait. Give our professionals a call today. We are experts in foundation repair in Jacksonville, FL and the entire state. Contact us today!

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