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Structural Cracks & Repair in Florida

Structural cracks in FloridaStructural cracks in concrete are repaired by pressure injection of our Prime Rez series of epoxy injection resins from Prime Resins. There are many ways to accomplish this, but the basics are the same. No matter what the fix count on the structural engineers at Foundation Professionals of Florida. They are your structural repair Florida experts.

Cracks occur for a multitude of reasons and are a common problem in the state of Florida. Concrete shrinks and expands based on the weather, temperature, and water in the soil. If your home was built on uncompacted soil, this can also cause the soil to settle, which can cause your foundation to settle, thus cracks can form during this movement. Since we live in Florida, limestone comes into play as well. The rain has a small level of acid in it, which breaks down the limestone, causing settling of your foundation. If you add on to your home, the extra weight can even cause cracks in your foundation. If you see these signs, your best bet is to trust the structural engineers Florida team of Foundation Pros with their pressure injection process and tools from Prime Resins.

Structural Engineer in Florida

Structural repair and engineeers in FloridaAt Foundation Professionals of Florida you can count on the structural engineers we have on staff. We have many combined years of experience in cement grouting, underpinning, and polyurethane solutions. We have even won an award for emergency repair! We are reliable, will make your project our priority, and resolve any structural issues you might have.

We partner with Prime Resins for our pressure injections. They have excellent products that will fill voids and cracks while providing stability and strength to your commerical or residential structure. With a wide variety of resins, there is not a structural crack that we cannot fix.

The pressure injection process can be completed by our experienced structural engineers. First, create a pathway for the epoxy to get into the crack. You can glue an injection port directly to the face of the crack. You can also drill injection holes straight into the crack or at an angle to intersect the crack.

Second, seal the surface of the crack with a Prime Gel series product to contain the epoxy resin during the pressure injection. If you can get to both sides of the structure, then seal both sides. If not, seal up what you have access to.

Third, inject one of our Prime Rez epoxy injection resins. Prime Rez 1100 High Mod LV is our most widely used product. It has an excellent balance between structural strength and a low viscosity to penetrate tight cracks. For cracks that are extremely tight (less than 1/32") or subject to shock and vibration, use our Prime Rez 1200 Low Mod LV. If you have to have the absolute highest strength, use our Prime Rez 1000 High Mod. Finally, for wide cracks over 1/4", use our Prime Rez 1600 Injection Gel.

Sometimes our Prime Rez series resins can be gravity fed into cracks in horizontal surfaces. The cracks can be routed out to provide a reservoir for the epoxy resin. Use Prime Rez 1100 High Mod LV for most cracks. Use Prime Rez 1200 Low Mod LV for hairline cracks.

So remember Foundation Pros for all your structural repair Florida needs. We have the engineers on staff to assess the cracks you find in your foundation. We can then provide you with an estimate for your project. We understand that each situation is special and different and will treat it that way. If you have a question about your foundation, we have the answers. Call us today!


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