Florida Erosion Control – Protect your Beachfront Property

Florida Erosion control – Protect your Beachfront Property If you have a Florida beachfront home, you are probably aware that one of the problems is the beach erosion. Beach erosion is caused by several factors such as: Slow rise of the sea level Tropical storms Construction projects Once the beach near your home erodes, this […]

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Florida Underpinning

What is Underpinning and How Can It Help Your Florida Home? All buildings and homes need a strong, stable foundation. Cracks in walls, uneven floors or other structural problems may compromise the integrity of your foundation. If you suspect changes in your home’s structure, you may need to contact the experts at Foundation Pros of […]

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Commercial Structure Repair in Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Florida

Foundation Professionals of Florida are Experts on Commercial Structure Repair The experts at Foundation Professional of Florida have been serving the state of Florida including the cities of Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee since 1980. Our services include foundation repair, sinkhole repair, and grouting for your commercial structure. For foundation repair, we use underpinning products. Our […]

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Watch your Concrete Foundation in Florida for Failure Signs

Concrete Foundation Repair in FL The most common foundation type in Florida is the concrete slab foundation. While these foundations are great at supporting most structures, they are susceptible to a few foundation problems. Failing foundations are a serious issue and should not be treated lightly. If you notice a problem developing with your foundation, […]

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Concrete Foundation Repair Florida

Why Do You Need Concrete Foundation Repair Florida? Many homes, both old and new, experience concrete foundation problems. No matter what the cause of this type of problem, though, we will be able to help you repair it. Foundation Professionals of Florida is your concrete foundation repair Florida service provider. There are a few possible […]

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Florida Underpinning Solutions

Florida Underpinning Solutions – What are my Options? Due to the large amount of limestone in the Florida soil, and the constantly changing weather that seems to include a lot of rain, moisture, and humidity, Floridians often deal with foundation problems. From wall cracks to bowing and leaning walls, we at Foundation Pros have slew […]

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Keep an Eye on Your Home for Florida Foundation Problems

Foundation Problems that Affect Florida Homeowners in Florida often encounter foundation problems in their home or business because of poor soil conditions. A cracked foundation can lead to a multitude of problems within a structure. It is important to be aware of signs of foundation failure and to always be searching for those signs. Foundation […]

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