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Check Your Structure in Southeast Florida

In light of the recent, tragic bridge collapse in Miami, Florida, we want to stress how important it is to check both commercial and residential structures for potential problems. Most foundation problems start small, but they can turn into larger, potentially dangerous issues if not taken care of. Don’t wait until you are at the […]

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Southern Florida Repair- Sinkholes, Seawalls, Waterproofing

Foundation Pros of Florida in Southern Florida Foundation Professionals of Florida is proud to provide foundation repair, seawall repair, sinkhole remediation, and waterproofing services throughout all Florida. Our service area spans the whole state, including southern Florida. Our team can assist homeowners with all sorts of structural and foundation problems all the way from Vero Beach […]

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PROJECT: BBB Building Repair – West Palm Beach, FL

Repairing Structural Problems in the BBB Building Foundation Professionals of Florida recently had the pleasure of stabilizing the BBB (Better Business Bureau) building in West Palm Beach, Florida. There were several problems evident to the repair team that worked on the BBB Building. In the interior of the building, ceiling tiles were buckling, door frames […]

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