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West & Central Florida - Tampa Bay Area, Florida Location

Located in Seffner, FL, our Tampa Bay Area location offers seawall repair, foundation repair, solutions for soil erosion and more for residents near Tampa Bay. Home and business owners in the Tampa Bay area often have to deal with beach erosion and soil erosion due to the prevalence of sandy soils prone to erosion and due to the nearby ocean waves washing away the coast. Other problems that residents of Seffner and nearby cities have to deal with are sinkholes and tropical storms. Tampa Bay is located at the base of the region known as sinkhole alley in Florida, where the sandy soil and underground limestone deposits make sinkhole formation common. Tropical storms that sweep through the region can lead to structural damage that causes water leakage and other issues. To fix these issues, we offer waterproofing systems as well as foundation repair options for Tampa Bay residents.

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Scroll over the above map to see the service area for our Seffner/Tampa Bay Area, FL location. Counties we serve include Sarasota, Manatee, Polk, Hillsborough, Pasco, Lake, Orange, Brevard, Citrus, Sumter, Marion, and more in Central and Western Florida.

Services We Offer in the Tampa Bay Area, FL

Seawall Repair
Whether you have a home or a beachfront business located on the Tampa Bay coast, it is likely that you will eventually notice some sort of beach erosion. This erosion can cause the ground under your home to shift, leading to severe structural failure. We offer seawall repair to stabilize and secure seawalls that keep erosion away. LEARN MORE.

Sinkhole Repair
When sandy soils erode and limestone under the surface of the ground is washed away by water, the ground's surface can cave in, forming a sinkhole. These sinkholes have been known to swallow houses, cars, and more. We fix sinkholes using various grout injection techniques for sinkhole remediation. LEARN MORE.

If your home has structural cracks or gaps and spaces due to tropical storms or other kinds of water damage, our waterproofing services can help. We offer surface drainage and exterior waterproofing to keep water outside the home and interior waterproofing to remove water that makes its way inside. LEARN MORE.

Call our team today at 813-605-1798 for more information on repair services we offer in the Tampa Bay, FL area.

Foundation Moving Review

"In June 2012, we had sink holes caused by Tropical Storm Debbie, around the North end of our home... A friend of ours suggested that we check with, FOUNDATION PROFESSIONALS OF FLORIDA... They did everything that they said they would, in a professional way.

I would highly recommend them to anyone."

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