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Tampa, Florida

Foundation Repair

Tampa, Florida is a city known for high humidity and frequent short thunderstorms. The fluctuating temperatures and dampness of the area can take its toll on homes and foundations. If there is heavy rains that allow water to pool around your foundation, it can cause pressure on your foundation walls. This pressure is called hydrostatic pressure. This can create problems - the slab will crack under the pressure. Problems may also arise form the opposite situation. If it is too dry, soil can shrink away from your foundation or slab, causing a lack of support for your foundation.

That is why we offer a variety of foundation underpinning products from ECP (Earth Contact Products) to stabilize your home and give you the foundation repair you need:

  • Steel Push Piers
  • Helical Piers
  • Wall Anchors
  • Tieback Anchors

These products can fix foundation issues in your home or business. Call us now to see if one of these solutions can help your Tampa, FL home.

Additional Services for Tampa, FL

Seawall Repair

Seawalls that are damaged, bowing, or cracked should also be repaired as soon as possible. Without a seawall to keep erosion at bay, your foundation is at risk of settlement and sinking due to soil movement and void formation. If you see cracks or deterioration, call us today for repair options.

Polyurethane solutions including seawall erosion repair and targeted grouting injection is the solution for repairing your distressed or failed seawall structure. Waterfront properties are the most susceptible to seawall erosion issues. Foundation Professionals of Florida can provide you with the seawall repair solutions you need in Tampa, Florida.

Sinkhole Repair

Foundation repair iin Tampa, FL by Foundation Professionals of FloridaFlorida homeowners are frequently faced with sinkhole situations because of the under-base of limestone that much of Florida sits on. The most essential factor of sinkhole development is when the underlying limestone dissolves due to acidic water. Knowing the warning signs - sagging or slanting fence posts and trees, doors and windows that fail to close properly, small ponds of rainfall forming where water has not collected before, wilting of vegetation, or structural cracks in walls, floors or pavement - can help you get the repairs you need.

Let Foundation Professionals of Florida help you with your sinkhole repair needs in Tampa, Florida. We offer void filling solutions for sinkholes. Using structural polyurethane foams, we can drill down the void and use high pressure to fill the void with foam. This foam hardens into a strong fill that can hold up your structure with ease. This solution is known as compaction grouting.

Contact us now to learn more about foundation repair, seawall repair, and sinkhole repair in Tampa, FL.

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