Clermont Sinkhole Blocks Homes

A sinkhole opened up in a neighborhood in Clermont, FL collapsing the road and leaving residents in 15 homes stuck in their subdivision. The sinkhole was in the middle of the road. The 15 families in the cul-de-sac were unable to come in or leave their neighborhood. The hole was 15 feet wide.

Sinkhole blocks neighborhood in Florida

This was the second time a hole opened up in the same neighborhood in two years. Sinkholes are common in Florida due to the soil’s composition. The soil is made of limestone which erodes, creating voids underneath top layer. When the dirt, clay, or sand gets too heavy, it will collapse and form a sinkhole. Sinkholes can also be triggered by certain human activity such as pumping groundwater, excavating, drilling, landfills, broken water lines, and construction.

It is a good idea for all of the residents of Florida to have their property inspected. We will see if you may have a sinkhole forming beneath your property. The professionals at Foundation Professionals of Florida have the solutions for sinkhole repair in Florida.

Solutions for Sinkholes in Florida

Foundation Professionals of Florida has over 30 years of experience in geotechnical sciences. We use compaction grouting to fill the voids beneath the soil, preventing sinkholes. The compaction grouting will firm the loose soil and close the hole. Another advantage of compaction grouting is it will increase the density in the layers of your soil preventing further sinkholes in the future. Some of the things to look for around your home to know if a sinkhole has started to form are cracks, sloping floors, leaning chimney, windows and doors that stick, and dying grass or shrubs.

If you see any of the signs that you may have a sinkhole forming around your property, contact the experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida. We will inspect your property and answer any questions you have. As professionals, we have the knowledge, experience, and best products for sinkhole remediation. We can prevent a sinkhole from forming and repair a sinkhole before it becomes a bigger issue. Don’t hesitate, contact the professionals at Foundation Professionals of Florida today for all of your sinkhole repair needs!