Interior Slab Cracks at Fort White Fire Station

Sinkhole repair Fort White Fire Station FLThe firefighters noticed substantial cracks appearing in the interior slab of the fire station. After proper notification, the insurance company assigned EFI Global (EFI) of Orlando, FL to perform a geotechnical investigation. EFI found sinkhole activity to be present under and around the structure. Once the problem was determined, Foundation Professionals of Florida was chosen to fix the slab cracks.

We have experience fixing slab cracks like these, which are not uncommon throughout Florida. Normally, interior slab cracks like those present in the fire station are caused by some kind of shifting or settlement of soil under the slab foundation. Because the cracks at the fire station were caused by a sinkhole, it was even more important to implement a repair solution as soon as possible.

The Solution – Sinkhole Pressure Grouting

Foundation Professionals of Florida used a Portland Cement Pressure Grout program written by EFI Global to stabilize the sinkhole activity in the interior and exterior of the structure. The grouting activities were closely monitored by Andrew Sway, PE of EFI Global, to ensure that all requirements were met in a timely and effective manner.This grouting process involves pumping a cement grout into the sinkhole to fill in the void and compact surrounding soil, stabilizing the entire area.

The sinkhole activity under and around the fire station was stabilized using this grouting technique. The fire station was soon under normal activities with the fire trucks and ambulances able to park inside and outside with confidence that the foundation is stable!

If you have noticed sinkhole activity near your home or business, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We can provide you with a free estimate and all of the necessary sinkhole repair methods to make sure that you, your family, and your customers stay safe.