Moisture Problems in Gainesville, Florida

The team at Foundation Professionals of Florida was recently contacted to fix moistures issues at a Ruby Tuesday’s located in the Oaks Mall in Gainesville, Florida. This commercial property was suffering from issues related to moisture seepage, which can be dangerous to both the structural stability of the actual building and the health of those inside the building.

When moisture is able to seep through the porous concrete of a building’s foundation, it can cause the concrete to deteriorate and become weak. This can lead to crack formation, foundation shifting, and other issues that lessen the overall stability of the structure. In addition, excess moisture buildup inside the building can cause mold and mildew to form. The mold spores can then infect the air that workers and customers breathe inside, leading to respiratory problems of all kinds. Fortunately, the team at Foundation Professionals of Florida was able to come up with the best solution for moisture problems at this site.

The Solution: Moisture Barrier System Installation

To reduce moisture seepage issues and prevent further problems from developing, we installed a moisture barrier to the exterior foundation. This plastic barrier is part of the exterior waterproofing service that we offer and seals the concrete foundation to protect it from moisture. Once covered with the barrier, the concrete that makes up the foundation is less prone to develop moisture issues from pooling water around the building or excess groundwater.

After installation, our team carefully cleaned up the area to leave it looking as good as it did before the repair. We work hard to give you effective solutions without causing damage to the property or leaving you with a lot of clean up. If you notice moisture issues in your home or business in the Gainesville area, call us right away!

View the photos below to see the moisture barrier installation step by step!