Foundation Professionals of Florida worked on a project that dealt with severe soil erosion in Pensacola, Florida following a recent stormwater weather event. The storm resulted in severe soil erosion at this Pensacola home.

Soil erosion is a serious problem, as it can cause voids to form underneath the foundation and can contribute to sinkhole formation. Underground voids and sinkholes do not offer adequate support for your foundation. This can lead to the foundation settling and sinking. Foundation movement like settlement and sinking results in various structural problems, including interior or exterior cracks, sloped or uneven floors, gaps between the floor and walls, bowing or leaning walls, and sticking doors or windows.

Fortunately, Foundation Professionals of Florida offers foundation stabilization solutions to level and secure your settling foundation.


Photos demonstrate the work before, during and after. The tedious process included the installation of foundation galvanized steel underpinning followed by void fill using high strength cement pressure grout.

The underpinning process involves installing several steel piers under the foundation to lift and secure the foundation and home. These steel piers are installed deep underground where they anchor into solid soil layers far below the sandy, shifting layers. The piers are then lifted to raise the foundation back to the proper level and keep it secured for years to come. We use galvanized piers to ensure that these repairs are long-lasting solutions.

Since erosion was the main cause of settlement in this situation, we also used a cement grout to fill the voids formed by underground soil erosion. This cement grout is injected using a pressure grouting technique, compressing the soil around the voids to compact it and prevent future soil movement.

If you have noticed structural problems in your home that might be due to soil erosion, contact Foundation Professionals of Florida right away.