Foundation Sinking at Priest Theatre in High Springs, FL

Underpinning the Priest Theater High Springs FLIt was a privilege for Foundation Professionals of Florida to be a part of the Historic Restoration program for the historical Priest Theatre built in 1910. The theatre is currently the  This program was sponsored by the owners and the City of High Springs.

After inspection, it was determined that the northeast corner of the building was sinking. This was due to some debris being removed from underneath the corner of the building. Normally, sinking and settlement like this is due to some sort of soil activity below the foundation. If a sinkhole opens up, or if the soil settles due to shrinkage or other changes in the moisture content, voids can form underneath the foundation. The above concrete foundation then sinks or settles into these voids, since they do not provide enough support for the concrete. This can result in other structural damage as well – cracks in the wall or ceiling, sloped floors, gaps between walls and floors, bowing or leaning walls, and sticking doors or windows. Severe settlement cracks can be seen in the Priest Theatre in the pictures at the end of the post. That is why it is important to have foundation settlement like that of the Priest Theatre in High Springs, FL looked at right away.

The Solution: Foundation Underpinning

We were able to stabilize the foundation by installing spreader beams and Model 350 corrosion-protected steel piers to load-bearing stratum; this raised and stabilized the northeast corner of the structure. The piers anchor into stable soils deep underground and are lifted hydraulically to re-level the foundation and ensure it is stabilized. Masonry services were also provided by Foundation Professionals of Florida on the project to restore the appearance of the building. Watch the video below to learn more about the repair process that we used.

Here at Foundation Professionals of Florida, we provide all of the services that you need to keep your commercial building structurally sound and stabilized. Call our team right away if you notice foundation problems in your business, such as sinking, settlement, or cracks. We serve the entire state of Florida.

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