The Project

This is an underground void road repair job in Alachua County, FL. The purpose of this job was to fill underground voids that were causing problems in the interstate itself. We used pressure grouting to stabilize and repair the road.

The Problem

We see this kind of issue a lot in Florida – the pockets of sandy soil or limestone underneath highway erode as underground water increases. Soil shrinkage is also a contributing factor for void formation in some cases. When underground soil shrinks, it becomes looser, creating voids where there once was tightly packed ground. These voids can cause the concrete or asphalt above to sink, or crack, depending on their placement. Whether the voids cause potholes to form, or contribute to the formation of a sinkhole, they can be hazardous for drivers.

The Solution

To fill in voids and stabilize the road, we used a cement pressure grouting method. With this method, we inject a cement grout underground to fill any voids that have formed. This injection stabilizes the soil to prevent the road from further settling and also lifts any low spots that might have started to sink.

One benefit of our pressure grouting solution makes roads safer and more usable and is strong enough to hold up for years to come. Another benefit is that the material cures fast, allowing the road to return to normal use almost immediately. This makes pressure grouting a versatile solution that can be used in many different situations. Call us now if you need repairs for sinking or cracked roads, interstates, highways, driveways, parking lots, or other concrete slabs in Florida.