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PROJECT: Galvanized Steel Piers – Pensacola, FL

SEVERE SOIL EROSION IN PENSACOLA, FL Foundation Professionals of Florida worked on a project that dealt with severe soil erosion in Pensacola, Florida following a recent stormwater weather event. The storm resulted in severe soil erosion at this Pensacola home. Soil erosion is a serious problem, as it can cause voids to form underneath the […]

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PROJECT: Residential Erosion Control – FL

EROSION CONTROL IN FLORIDA After a geotechnical investigation of this home, the homeowner contacted Foundation Professionals of Florida for the remediation plan of stabilizing the foundation by installing piers. One of the contributing factors of continued settlement and erosion was rainwater. Erosion is a problem that affects many Florida homeowners, in part due to the […]

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PROJECT: Residential Cement Grout Injection – FL

Sinkhole Opens Under a Home in Florida For a Florida homeowner, wall cracks were the first sign that something was wrong. With further inspection, the homeowner began to notice the foundation and ceiling separating from the wall in one of the rooms. A geotechnical investigation was performed and they were informed that the settling was […]

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PROJECT: Polyurethane Grout Injection to Lift Pool Deck – FL

Cracked and Settled Pool Deck in FL A cracked and settled pool deck can really take away from the aesthetic appeal of a beautiful back yard. Pool deck settlement and cracking is normally a result of soil shifting below the deck. This can happen when the soil dries out and shrinks, when excess water causes erosion […]

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PROJECT: Seawall, Soil Stabilization – Lake Harris, FL

Seawall Repair and Soil Stabilization on Lake Harris, FL After being on vacation for a week, a relatively new homeowner came back to her home on Lake Harris, FL to find a section of her yard near the seawall caving in. Because the seawall is a mere 15 ft from the lake, the homeowner was […]

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PROJECT: Underpinning & Flowable Fill – Pensacola, FL

Soil Erosion Under Foundation in Pensacola, FL A few years ago, Foundation Professionals of Florida completed this underpinning and flowable fill foundation repair job in Pensacola, Florida. Pensacola had flash flooding in April 2014 that brought a little over 20 inches of rain in 2 days. The flash flooding caused this particular home to lose […]

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