Ceiling Cracks And Wall Cracks In Your Florida Home

Worried about ceiling cracks and wall cracks in your Florida home or business? If so, you’re not alone. Cracks in the walls and ceilings of Florida structures can be caused by sinkholes or foundation problems. If you are experiencing such an issue, our foundation professionals can help you out. We offer a variety of foundation repair solutions and sinkhole remediation options that fix the underlying cause of your cracked walls or ceiling cracks.

Determining the type of interior crack and what caused it can help us choose the right solution. See the following lists to analyze the problems in your home:

ceiling cracks, ceiling crack repairCEILING CRACKS

  • Spiderweb Cracks: These can occur not only in the ceiling but also in your walls or floors. These cracks form commonly in homes due to age and are usually quite small.
  • Vertical Cracks: These cracks are another type of ceiling cracks. These cracks run the length of the ceiling and continue down the wall in the same line. They often indicate a settling foundation or a weak wall stud and can be quite serious.
  • Bowing Ceilings: Often, a ceiling crack is accompanied by bowing. If this is the case, the supports designed to stabilize your foundation have most likely become weak and are causing the ceiling to dip and crack.

wall cracks, wall crack repairWALL CRACKS

  • Stairstep Cracks: This kind of crack is more common in masonry and brickwork. If the cracks are small, they may be due to normal aging. However, cracks larger than 1/16-1/8 inch may indicate foundation failure.
  • Horizontal Cracks: Cracks that run horizontally across walls, especially basement walls, indicate foundation settlement or shifting. If the wall is also bowing or leaning, you may be dealing with serious foundation issues.
  • Vertical Cracks: Vertical cracks in your basement walls may indicate foundation shifting. If you see vertical cracks that run up your wall and onto the ceiling, this is also a sign of a foundation problem.

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The location of cracks can also indicate the seriousness of the issue, as can the size of the cracks. Cracks along the edges of the ceiling, for example, are not as serious as cracks in the middle of the ceiling. Generally, the larger the crack, the more serious the issue; cracks larger than 1/16 of an inch are good indicators that there is a problem with your foundation.


Because ceiling and wall cracks are often the results of foundation issues, the best ceiling crack and basement wall crack repair solutions fix the underlying foundation issues:

  • Compaction Grouting: Our experts inject polyurethane foam into loose soil. As the material expands, it compacts the surrounding soil and creates stability.
  • Wall Repair: Wall cracks that are formed by sinkholes can be repaired with wall anchors. Wall anchors are designed to stabilize cracking and bowing walls. It also increases the strength of your walls, allowing them to handle outside soil pressure.
  • Underpinning: Installing helical piers or steel piers that anchor in deep soil underground and hydraulically lift the sinking foundation.

These are just some of the solutions that we offer for ceiling, interior wall, and foundation wall crack repair. Contact Foundation Professionals of Florida for more information on ceiling and wall crack repair in Florida.