How do you go about choosing sinkhole repair companies to assist you in your sinkhole repair needs? There are quite a few questions you need to ask a contractor before you hire them. Here are some basic questions to ask before you do.

1. Is the company part of the Better Business Bureau? Contact the BBB and verify that the company you are looking at is a member and you can also find out what their rating is.

2. Do they have the correct license in the state you are in? Are they insured in that state? Companies need to have a license and be insured to do these types of repairs in your state. Typically you can find this information on state’s website.

3. How many years of experience does the contractor have in sinkhole repair? How many sinkholes have they repaired? How much experience does the staff have? How many years experience does the person that will lead the job have? We have many years of experience in this area and would be glad to answer any questions you have about our experience. Feel free to contact us with questions.

4. Ask for customer/industry testimonials. The best way to know if a job was done right is to ask the customer/client that employed the contractors services. Click here of a list of testimonials from clients we at Foundation Professionals of Florida have had the pleasure of working with.

5. Does the company you wish to employ use any subcontractors?

6. Verify the contractor is using the most up to date tools and repairs. Ask questions about the process the company is using and make sure they are using the newest repair options. Check our FAQ page for answers on many of your sinkhole questions and find out more about our services here.

7. Can the contractor provide a quote for the job? For a quote from Foundation Professionals contact us and using the information found here.

Your home is probably your biggest investment. Make sure to protect it with the help of Foundation Professionals of Florida. From the day we quote your sinkhole repair project to the very last day of cleanup, we are sure you will get the expert help you need for your project. When choosing sinkhole repair companies, don’t forget to consider Foundation Professionals of Florida. Call us today!