Sinkhole Coverage Florida

Sinkhole Coverage Florida, Sinkhole Coverage Tampa FloridaMany of Florida’s residents are at risk of being affected by a sinkhole, while many residents have already experienced the dangers of them. Citizens Insurance has changed their policies regarding these sinkholes, so if you are a Floridan insured by the company, you need to be aware of the changes. There were some “unintended consequences,” said a Citizens spokesperson of their property insurance law, SB-408. Because of this, they are returning to some former sinkhole coverage Florida options that were not included in this new insurance law. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation must still okay Citizens’ desired changes.

Sinkhole Coverage Tampa Florida

There are five changes waiting to be approved. If you had your home repaired according to the recommendations of an engineer with a prior sinkhole claim, Citizens will still cover Sinkhole Coverage Floridayou. If you did not repair your sinkhole damage according to an engineer’s instructions on your prior sinkhole claim, Citizens may still provide coverage. You will not be eligible for a separate sinkhole policy. If you have not fixed the damages of sinkholes, you will not be covered by Citizens Insurance. You are “subject to underwriting review and inspection requirements” if you have repaired a sinkhole at your home. And lastly, sinkhole coverage Florida may be included or excluded from your Citizens policy. That is your choice. This is different than the previous policy where you were denied coverage if you “had met or exceeded policy limits due to sinkhole activity.” This new policy will allow you to receive coverage even if you have experienced past sinkhole damage.

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