Commercial Sinkhole Repair for Florida Residents

Sinkholes are depressions or holes in the ground that are created when water carries sediment down into the bedrock. They form cavities from the bottom-up as the sediment above the bedrock washes into the voids. Sometimes the ground may appear normal on top, but the soil underneath is washed away. In fact, most sinkholes start off small and go undetected for months until the ground suddenly collapses. Whether you have a shallow or deep depression, it’s important to get it examined by a sinkhole professional.

At Foundation Pros of Florida, we offer commercial sinkhole repair for the residents in the Florida area. We not only look for sinkhole activity, we repair it. We repair commercial buildings, streets, parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, roadways, and more. No repair is too large or small for us to handle.

If you notice extensive damage, such as deep concrete cracks, notify our sinkhole contractors to determine if it is a sinkhole. Other signs of sinkhole activity may include:

  • Interior wall cracks and ceiling cracks in buildings
  • Sidewalk cracks
  • Unexplained loud noises caused by foundation movement
  • Standing water in lawn
  • Exposed tree roots
  • Known sinkhole activity in the area

If a sinkhole opens on your commercial property, contact an experienced sinkhole attorney to learn your legal rights. Next, file a sinkhole claim with your insurance company. We will work with your insurance company, and make sure the job is completed in a timely manner.

Commercial Sinkhole Repair Methods in FL

Foundation Pros of Florida uses the right equipment and materials to handle the toughest soil-related issues on your commercial property. We repair settlement issues, such as cracking and settling foundations, for buildings and roadways.

commercial sinkhole repair FloridaFor commercial applications, we offer the following cutting-edge sinkhole repair solutions.

  • Grouting – This method is the most cost-effective. It involves pumping a mixture into the ground to fill and solidify loose soils.
  • Underpinning – With underpinning, piers are driven into the soil. The piers are attached to the foundation with brackets, then underpins are installed around the perimeter of the structure. This helps stabilize and support settling structures that are caused by sinkhole damage.
  • Ground stabilization – Most soil-related issues are caused by organic soils, swelling clays, poor compaction, runoff, and soil erosion. By injecting prime resins beneath the affected slab, we can stabilize loose or weak soil. 
  • Void filling – Void filling involves filling voids and cavities in the soil, without causing disruption to the work area.

There are many sinkhole repair methods, but underpinning and grouting are the two most popular solutions. Sometimes both underpinning and grouting are combined to provide extra support for larger structures.

Learn more about commercial sinkhole repair in Florida. We’ll support and stabilize your structure for many years to come.