Common Sinkhole Signs Florida

A common question we get it how to identify common sinkhole signs Florida in homes. Many people mistake sinkhole signs for more common problems such as settlement. You have to pay very close attention. If you live in Florida though, this damage can very likely be caused by a sinkhole forming due to water dissolving limestone deep in the ground.

Common Sinkhole Signs Florida, Sinkhole Repair in FloridaMake an inspection of your Florida home. Look for cracks in the walls, ceilings, and floor tiles. You might even notice daylight coming in through these cracks. Make sure your floors are level. You might even feel that the floor is higher in some areas than others. Look at your ceilings where they meet the walls. Is there separation there? This separation may be caused by shifting due to the formation of a sinkhole. Look to see if you even just see small cracks forming at the seams. After a heavy rain look for water spots in your home and see if you notice the smell of mildew. This may mean that moisture has gotten into your home due to a crack caused by the sinkhole forming around your home. Open and close your doors. Do they fit well in the frames or do you notice that they don’t close well or the shape of the frame doesn’t quite fit the door any more? You might notice in your bathroom that the sink and backsplash are no longer fitting snugly against the wall, that they have pulled away and there is space between it and the wall. It is even possible that water will not drain correctly from the sinks and tubs due to movement in the pipes. Check outside your home and make sure there are no cracks in the exterior walls and foundation. If you find any of these common sinkhole signs Florida, contact a sinkhole repair expert from Foundation Professionals of Florida to have it repaired as soon as possible.

There are other things outside doing a home inspection that may prove useful. Do you notice changes in your monthly utility bills all of a sudden? Your water or power bill might change if your home has shifted and a change has occurred to the efficiency of your home.

Check around your home for depressions in your yard. Water might be gathering in places it has not before or you may notice that a body of water around your home has changed. If you have a fence see if you notice any high or low spots in it, when it used to be even. Do you have a pool? If so, this might even be an indicator for you. You might notice that the water level has gone down. Look for cracks in the pool. Watch your driveway as well. If there are cracks watch them closely for changes in size.

If you notice any of these common sinkhole signs Florida call for help right away. Repairing a sinkhole is a lot less expensive than the damage that is a result of a full blown sinkhole. Make sure to consider adding sinkhole insurance to your homeowners policy. But first and foremost consider calling Foundation Professionals of Florida. We can help you tell if there is a real problem when you notice any of the symptoms listed above, and provide you with a solution before it becomes a real problem. We are Florida’s experts in this area and are looking forward to helping you.