When is Compaction Grouting FL Used as a Solution?

A thorough evaluation of a sinking foundation needs to be performed to provide information to determine which repair procedure needs to be applied. Our experienced personnel at Foundation Professionals of Florida will determine this. Compaction grouting FL is used as a solution for structural stabilization, sinkhole remediation and settlement control.

The difference in compaction grouting compared to cement grouting, is cement grouting injections fill voids at strategic locations under balanced pressure. In compaction grouting, a stiff mortar-like grout is injected at high pressure to displace and compact the surrounding soils.

Sinkhole Repair FL

Compaction grouting can increase capacity of soils under slabs and spread footings, stop foundation settlement, level structures, and control settlement over sinkholes

Florida ground is full of limestone which is highly soluble in water so the acidic water can easily make its way through it. Most rainwater is slightly acidic and becomes more acidic as it moves through decaying plant debris. This acidic water becomes a key part in the erosion processes in Florida’s limestone. With enough erosion, the ground above will start to sink. The stiff mortar-like grout used in compaction grouting will mix with the soil and firm up the ground around the foundation.

Our knowledge of the engineering properties and geology of the site will determine the approach to solving subsurface related concerns, such as weak soils and sinkholes. Florida has very specific conditions that cause sinkholes. Foundation Professional of Florida has the equipment and expertise to determine if compaction grouting FL is the solution needed for your specific problem. We use the very best products in the industry from Earth Contact Products.

Our experienced personnel will assist you with your foundation repair issues which are caused by organic soils, swelling clays, poor compaction, and erosion or run off. Call today for an estimate and if compaction grouting is right for you. Foundation Professional of Florida is your compaction grouting FL experts.