Compaction Grouting Florida

Soft dirt or soil may be great for growing, or planting but it could be a very bad thing around your foundation if you live in Florida. If the soil is to soft you might find your home settling. Next thing you know you are walking across your kitchen, and you think your crazy because your floor is sloping. Problem is you aren’t crazy! The floor is actually sloping! You might find that doors and windows stick or don’t close and open correctly and there are cracks in your floor, basement, and foundation walls. Yikes, you really do have a problem. This is when you might want to consider compaction grouting. Here at Foundation Pros, we have you covered for all your compaction grouting Florida needs.

So what the heck IS compaction grouting? It is a special grout mixture used to increase the density of that loose, soft soil around your home. Ever heard of a sinkhole? Too much loose soil, especially in Florida where limestone is so common, this can be a huge concern. Compaction grouting Florida is known to help resolve this problem too. Stiff mortar-like grout would be injected under very high pressure, which will displace and compact the soil around the injection site.

Compaction Grouting Florida, Compaction Grouting FLThis is not something you can do on your own, you really want an experienced professional. Special equipment is needed to do this job, but it is easily mobile to most locations. So if you have concerns that you may have a sinkhole forming, or if you notice the soil around your home is loose, full of clay, or poorly compacted, it may be time to call that expert. Don’t wait till it really becomes a problem, trust us, that will cause you a lot of extra expense. We can provide an estimate to give you an idea of compaction grouting is right for you. Call the pros – the Foundation Professionals of Florida for all your Compaction Grouting Florida needs – for that estimate today.