Why Do You Need Concrete Foundation Repair Florida?

Many homes, both old and new, experience concrete foundation problems. No matter what the cause of this type of problem, though, we will be able to help you repair it. Foundation Professionals of Florida is your concrete foundation repair Florida service provider.

There are a few possible causes of concrete foundation problems. As the temperatures change, concrete expands and compacts. The concrete eventually weakens and can crack because of this. The soils around your home may go through the same process. As they weaken, your foundation settles into them. Water can cause issues, too. When the soils surrounding your home become highly saturated, they put hydrostatic pressure on your foundation. When this pressure becomes too much to bear, your foundation may crack. Florida’s unique limestone soil can also cause issues. Slightly acidic rain falls and travels through the limestone, eroding it away. As the limestone weakens, your home’s foundation can settle, which again, causes cracks. If you begin to notice signs like cracks in your walls and floors, uneven floors, sticking or misaligned doors and windows, and leaning chimneys, you need to call professionals for concrete foundation repair Florida as soon as you can.

Concrete Foundation Repair Methods in FL

There are quite a few ways that a concrete foundation can be repaired. Our professionals will inspect your home’s specific circumstance and determine the best possible method. Our methods will range from using underpinning products like piers, foundation lifting, and pressure injections. Our piers (both steel push piers and foundation helical piers) will drive a pile deep into the soils beneath your home. They will reach below the surface soils that may have causes settling problems in the first place to receive support that won’t give. We use only the best piers from Earth Contact Products, so you can be confident in their work. If your foundation is uneven, we can use our various foundation lifting techniques to return it to its originally intended height. By using pressure injections, we are able to fill the cracks within your concrete foundation. This will keep unwanted water, insects, and rodents outside of your home where they belong.

Concrete foundation problems are nothing unusual. If you need help with your concrete foundation repair Florida needs, contact us. We’ll be happy to help.