What Causes Concrete Slab Cracks in Florida?

concrete cracksBecause of the soil conditions in Florida, most slabs will experience some amount of sinking and settling. When this happens, it can cause concrete slab cracks. The cracks form when the soil beneath the slab shifts and erodes over time. When there’s less soil supporting the slab, it can crack under pressure.

Slab cracks are also caused by temperature changes. This happens because concrete shrinks and expands as the temperature fluctuates. The more this happens – and the more extreme the temperature fluctuations – the more likely the concrete will be to crack.

Florida’s limestone is another cause of slab cracks. Slightly acidic rain slowly erodes away limestone. As the limestone weakens, your home’s foundation can settle, causing cracks.

Cracks in concrete slabs can also be caused by hydrostatic pressure pushing against the walls of your foundation. This happens when the soil around your home gets saturated with water and there isn’t any way for it to drain away.

Slab cracks can occur in home foundations, driveways, patios, and sidewalks, to name just a few.  Cracks in concrete slabs aren’t just unsightly, they’re also a trip hazard for small children and the elderly. Cracks in a slab can also allow in pests or moisture, which creates a great environment for hazardous mold growth.

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Concrete Slab Crack Repair Solutions In Florida

slab cracks

Not every concrete slab crack is repaired in the same way.  After we inspect the crack, we’ll know which repair solution to use.

We use the following methods to repair concrete slab cracks:

  1. Steel push piers and helical piers are a common way to repair slab cracks.  This repair method called “underpinning” lifts and levels your concrete foundation slab.
  2. Epoxy resins are another method used to repair concrete slab cracks. The epoxies used for crack injection stop water intrusion, and strengthen the weakened concrete. They also prevent water from getting through the concrete. This injection technique works particularly well for repairing cracks in walls, concrete driveways, sidewalks, pool decks and other types of concrete slabs that aren’t building foundations.

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