concrete cracksBecause of the soil conditions in Florida, most slabs experience normal sinking and settling. This settling, however, can cause problems such as slab cracks. These cracks form when the soil beneath your slab shifts, causing the slab to have less soil underneath it and therefore crack under pressure. Concrete slab cracks can also be caused by temperature changes. As the temperatures vary, concrete expands and compacts. The more this happens (and the more quickly it happens), the more likely the concrete will be to eventually weaken and crack. Florida’s limestone can also be a reason for concrete cracks. As slightly acidic rain falls and works its way through the limestone, it slowly erodes away. As the limestone weakens, your home’s foundation can settle, which again, causes cracks. If the soils around your home become especially saturated, they can put hydrostatic pressure on your foundation. When this pressure becomes too much to bear, your foundation may develop concrete cracks.

Concrete slab cracks, along with being unsightly, can cause problems for your concrete. The cracks themselves are a tripping hazard for small children and the elderly, but the cracks in a slab foundation can also allow in pests or excess water, creating a great environment for hazardous mold growth. If you notice concrete cracks in your slab, it’s best to contact a professional team such as Foundation Professionals of Florida. Trust us to repair the problem and keep it from happening in the future.

These concrete cracks can occur in all sorts of slabs, from home foundations to driveways, to patios, to sidewalks. With our professional services and products, we will be able to target and solve the problem. We are your concrete crack repair experts in Florida.


When it comes to fixing cracks in concrete, our team are the Florida experts. Not every crack should be treated and repaired the same. The direction, type, and location of a crack can show a lot about its cause. Our professionals will not treat every situation the same. We will inspect your situation as a unique problem and find the best solution for you.

To repair slab cracks, Foundation Pros has a number of safe, effective options designed to get you the best repair job possible.

  1. Steel push piers and helical piers are a common form of slab crack repair. Installing these piers is a form of underpinning used to lift and level your concrete slab back to its original state and keep it from moving as the ground around it sinks or settles.
  2. Pressure injection of epoxy injection resins is a common repair tactic for concrete cracks. Our professionals will use high-quality products from Prime Resins by correctly injecting the resin into your concrete cracks. This injection technique works particularly well for concrete driveway crack repair and other kinds of non-foundation concrete slab crack repair.

Don’t let slab cracks ruin your concrete. Instead, contact Foundation Professionals of Florida. We offer the best customer service and solutions. For expert concrete crack repair in Florida, give us a call today.