How to Deal with Florida Sinkhole Repair

Florida sinkhole repair, Sinkhole repair FloridaIt seems the news has been filled with stories regarding sinkholes in Florida. Of course the ones we hear of in the news have caused great damage or even death. Recently there was the huge sinkhole that swallowed part of a Disney resort. Florida is notorious for giant sinkholes. Not all sinkholes happen so quickly like the ones we have read about in the news. The sinkholes that form this quickly are a very small percentage of the sinkholes that form in Florida. Usually they are slow to develop. Florida has recorded the most sinkholes than any other state. Of course these giant sinkholes are scary, but the small sinkholes that can form slowly are dangerous to your home. Foundation Professionals of Florida can inspect your home for Florida sinkhole repair.

Florida sinkhole repair, Sinkhole repair FloridaSome of the signs that your foundation is experiencing sinkhole damage and not foundation settlement is the cracks in the foundation will have a circular pattern. If you see trees, fence posts, foundations slumping or falling these are also signs. If your foundation has a crack that is wider than the normal hairline crack, this is also a sign. Florida soil is predominately made of limestone which is a soft underground and is eroded by water over time. The acid in rain water over time erodes the limestone. If you see any signs that you might have a sinkhole issue, call us at Foundation Professionals of Florida and one of our experts will inspect your foundation and give you an estimate.

Florida Sinkhole Repair Methods and Options

Foundation Professionals of Florida offers various void filling and grouting services to repair your sinkholes. Foundation Professionals of Florida carry out this process by filling up the spaces beneath your foundation with a polyurethane material that stabilizes the concrete and eliminates vibration. The material we use Is high density and lightweight – it is injected as a liquid and reaches it’s full volume as a foam in about 15 seconds. Our polyurethane void filling method is a great option for your Florida sinkhole repair, as it is minimally invasive (requires drilling fewer and smaller holes than mudjacking techniques), quick, and effective.

Another option for sink hole repair and remediation is compaction grouting. This is a method that uses controlled displacement to increase the density of loose soils. In compaction grouting, a mortar-like grout is injected at a high pressure to displace and compact the surrounding soil. This provides the above foundation with a continuous structural support.

If you have a sinkhole that is affecting your foundation, see how the team at Foundation Professionals of Florida can help you. We have all of the services and skills necessary to take care of all of your Florida sinkhole repair needs. Contact us today!