Foundation crack repair Jacksonville FLFoundation cracks can be an annoying and expensive problem for homeowners. It is also a common problem in our area. For each small crack that appears you feeling your home value dropping and fear bigger problems like water in your basement. We understand this at Foundation Professionals of Florida and want to help you with all your foundation crack Florida concerns.

How do you know how bad that little crack is? For the state of Florida, these cracks can mean a bigger problem. Since the ground is comprised largely of limestone and there are frequent rains in Florida, you can find the soil around your home expands and contracts frequently. This causes the foundation cracks and wall cracks you are seeing. To know how serious it is, it is a good thing to first do an interior and exterior survey of your home. Look out for other things such as slab cracks, sloping floors, leaks that stem from cracks, and doors and windows sticking in their frames. These signs in conjunction with your foundation crack mean you want to call an experienced contractor. Contact Foundation Pros of Florida for an estimate and we can let you know the solution to your problem. What solutions do we offer? We offer many polyurethane solutions including structural crack repair using epoxy injections. We also offer many underpinning products from Earth Contact Products including steel push piers, which is a widely used, safe method to resolve foundation repairs.

If you notice wall cracks, take close stock of them. They way they look can tell you a lot about what the problems is and how they formed. If a crack is vertical or angled, it is likely that settlement of your foundation is the culprit. A crack that is horizontal is more likely from lateral pressure. As long as a crack is less than .064″ or less, you won’t likely have a leak. Cracks that are wider at the top than the bottom are indicative of settlement. If you have any question about your wall cracks though, don’t wait. They all are a sign of something potentially serious. Again, it is good to mention that since we live in Florida, and the ground is made up of so much limestone, that sinkholes can be an issue, and foundation repairs or underpinning may be needed.


Foundation crack repair FLWe offer crack filling solutions with our polyurethane injections, and if the wall cracks are in your foundation, we offer wall braces and other bracing solutions to give your walls the extra support and stability they need. We offer free estimates, so we are glad to come to you, assess your wall cracks, and find the solution that fits your specific needs. We have years of experience in diagnosing wall cracks, so you can be sure we will find the fix that is right for your home.

If you have foundation cracks, don’t let the situation get worse. Contact the foundation crack Florida experts to come assess your damages. Our licensed structural engineers have the skills and expertise to identify the cause of settlement and provide the best structural repair solution. With our “very best” products from Earth Contact Products and the experienced staff at Foundation Pros, we will have your foundation fixed in a timely manner within your budget requirements. From our injection solutions and underpinning solutions, we have got all your foundation crack Florida problems covered. For professional foundation lifting and leveling in Florida, give us a call today. We serve the cities of Tallahassee, Lake City and Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas. We are your structural engineer Florida service provider.