Foundation Piles in Florida

When it comes to your home, you want to feel safe in it. You want to know it will last for years to come. You want to know it will maintain its value. All of this starts with a strong foundation, and a strong foundation starts will deep anchoring. This is done will piles that penetrate deep into the soils beneath your home. Because they are anchored below surface soils, they will not move as those soils settle with time. You can install piles before you build a new home, put them in before you move into a home, or have them installed when you begin to notice foundation damage. We are your foundation piles Florida experts. Our company offers two types of foundation piles Florida: steel push piers, also known as micro piles, and helical piles.

Types of Foundation Piles FL

Foundation Piles Florida, Foundation Piles FLWhichever specific product you choose to use for your home, we will be using only the best: Earth Contact Products. ECP is the leading provider for foundation repair, basement waterproofing and anchoring products. They quickly provide quality products, but can also provide custom engineered products.

Steel push piers are the most commonly used foundation repair product, and for good reason. The piles are individually driven into the ground. The reaction force is the weight of the buidling. Because of the friction reduction collar, which is attached to the lead of the pile, there is little friction as the pile is installed. The pile doesn’t need skin friction for support. After installation, each pile can be individually load tested, giving you peach of mind that they will do their job.

ECP offers two types of steel push piers. They include the concentric pier, which installs directly below the load, or the eccentric pier, which installs to the side of the load. Both are well engineered, and will work. Which pile you should use depends on your home’s situation. We’ll help you decide.

Helical piles are shaped more like a screw. They have their advantages, too. They include:

  • Foundation Piles Florida, Foundation Piles FLEase of Installation
  • Little to No Vibration
  • Immediate Load Transfer upon Installation
  • Installed Torque Correlates to Capacity
  • Easily Load Tested to Verify Capacity
  • Installs Below Active Soils
  • All Weather Installation
  • Little to No Disturbance to Job site

10”, 60”, 84” and 120″ are the available helical pile lengths. If none of these work for your project, ECP can make custom piles for you. You can also use extensions that hook onto the lead portion of the pile, so it can be installed deep into the soil.

Piles are a great choice for foundation repair. If you are interested in installing piles, or want to speak to a professional about how they would fit in your home, give us a call today. We’ll be glad to help.