Void Filling in Florida

void filling Florida, Void filling FLHave you noticed that your slab or foundation is sinking? This is probably due to spaces or “voids” in the soil underneath. Soil erosion occurs when water gets under your foundation or slab creating these voids. To keep from tearing our the concrete and disrupting landscaping, the professionals at Foundation Professional uses a void filling Florida technique that is less disruptive and will save you the time and cost of the raising, demolition, and removal of a sinking foundation or slab.

We use a polyurethane material which is a high density, lightweight material that starts as a liquid and after 15 seconds reaches its final volume into a foam material. Small holes are drilled and the polyurethane is injected. The process is done with little disruption and covers a large area in little time. No heavy equipment is needed. There is no water or mud to clean up.

 Void Filling FL Methods

Concrete raising is typically half the cost of replacement. Also, when you think of the work of concrete replacement and the disruption over a period of time, compared to raising the concrete using void filling with less disruption and time, it is well worth it. By contacting the professionals at Foundation Professionals of Florida, you can get a better idea as to how void filling works and why one method is better than another. They will answer your questions and give you the best solution at the cost best suited for you. Our experience in void filling Florida will give you peace of mind that you are choosing the company with the best knowledge and equipment.

Polyurethane is a resilient, flexible and durable material. It is used in a wide range of items, and continues to be adapted for many different technologies. It is made by combining two types of compounds through a chemical reaction. Polyurethane used as a void filling provides a moisture barrier preventing moisture from penetrating into the soil. Polyurethane is a much better solution than mudjacking. Polyurethane weighs 3-4 pounds per cubic foot compared to 100-150 pounds of traditional mud, making polyurethane material less likely to overburden already unstable soil. The hole drilled for Polyurethane are 5/8″ or smaller compared to mudjacking holes that are 1″-2″. Polyurethane makes the end result much more attractive and desirable especially in the residential market. Foundation Professionals of Florida has over 30 years of experience and we take pride in the work we do. So if you are looking for the best void filling Florida, contact us for a free estimate.