Filling a Sinkhole

How do I fill in a sinkholeMany homeowners with the proper tools are very capable of “Do it Yourself” projects.  While we encourage the DIY mentality, it should be noted that sinkholes are inherently dangerous and unstable. They also may be affecting the foundation of your home.  If improperly repaired the well being of your entire house and family may be at stake. It is always safer and more responsible to call a professional when it comes to sinkhole repair.  Our professional structural engineer will determine the stability of the sinkhole and figure out how it has affected your home. From there we will be able to repair it with no problem at all.

Sinkholes possess a complicated issue for repair companies. They need to be filled in order to prevent foundation and structural damage to nearby buildings and streets, but they might also have a direct connection with groundwater.  Meaning that no harmful chemicals can be used that would be potentially harmful to groundwater and nearby soil.   Foundation Professionals of Florida have developed an all-natural grout that helps stabilize the soil without polluting it with chemicals.  We use sediments that are already present in the ground to fill voids created by sinkholes.  You can count on us for a responsible and timely repair of sinkholes and the damage they cause.

grout fillingExamine our website and read more blogs to learn everything there is to know about sinkholes. The best way to save time and money is to be as knowledgeable on the subject as possible. Call us today and we will send someone to assess your situation. Find out all that we can do for you!