Florida Sinkhole Formation

Sinkhole Formation FLHow does a sinkhole form? Why do they often form in Florida? Sinkholes are a karst landform. Other karst landforms, also in Florida, include caves, disappearing streams, springs, and underground drainage systems. Karst is a term meaning a terrain caused by erosional processes. This often entails the chemical weathering and dissolution of limestone and dolomite, common in Florida.

The conditions are just right for sinkholes in Florida. Most rainwater is slightly acidic and becomes more acidic as it moves through decaying plant debris in Florida’s soils. This acidic water becomes a key part in the erosion processes in Florida’s limestone and dolomite. This chemical erosion eventually causes voids or cavities to form which then overlying sediments collapses into the voids forming the sinkhole.

Limestone Contributes to Sinkhole Formation

Florida Sinkhole FormationThe ground is full of limestone which is highly soluble in water. Florida’s limestone is very porous, so the acidic water can easily make its way through it. After the carbonate rocks of Florida’s soil go through enough erosion, they will collapse, causing the ground above them to sink. Sinkholes can vary in size and the amount of time they take. Some sinkholes form over long periods of time, while others happen in the blink of an eye.

Unpredictable rain patterns and a rapidly growing population can make sinkholes even more of a pressing issue in Florida. Due to these factors, you want to know you have a local contractor that can assist you with these concerns and provide sinkhole remediation.

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