Florida Sinkholes

sinkhole stagesSink holes can continuing growing for a surprisingly long time.  This could be years or even decades.  It all depends on how long the ceiling of the hole can support the weight of the sediment above.  If the cover over the sink hole is extremely strong and supportive then sink holes could grow to cover vast areas.   Sink holes are more common in Florida and the American south because the contents of the soil.  Sediment in Florida has much limestone less than one hundred feet of the surface, when underground water tables erode limestone the soil above collapses in, causing a sink hole.

We have all heard the horror stories of massive, building swallowing sink holes, but don’t worry these are extremely rare.  Most sinkholes are less than ten feet across and can only cause damage to the foundation of your home.   It is not likely that your home will collapse from a sink hole, it will only experience minor damages. If you call Foundation Pro’s of Florida we will send an expert structural engineer to examine the sink hole and your homes foundation. By taking the proper measurements he will be able to determine how much you home has settled and if the sink hole has finished growing.

Once the assessment is complete,  we will first add stabilization material to prevent further damage. Then, we’ll use our compaction grouting to firm up your loose soil and close up the hole. Another great thing is that the grouting will also increase density in the layers of your soil that are around your property. Our grout will mix with your soil and firm up the ground along your foundation. We want to help your current situation while also preventing further foundation damage in the future.  You can count on Foundation Professionals of Florida to get the job done right the first time.