Erosion Control in Florida

How to Control Erosion in FloridaErosion can cause a lot of damage to property and shorelines in Florida. Controlling soil erosion is an extremely specialized field. That is why it is important to contact a professional to come and get the soil erosion taken care of before it causes costly damages to your home. Foundation Professionals of Florida has the experience and products to control soil erosion before it becomes a bigger issue.

Foundation Pros of Florida uses chemical grouting to fill voids and stabilize the soil. One of the advantages of chemical grouting is its ability to strengthen existing soils without the need for excavation. We use polyurethane resins for both permeation and compaction grouting. Permeation grouting saturates the soil with a low viscosity resin. Compaction grouting results from injecting a two component, rapid set, highly expansive structural foam. This polyurethane foam is injected through small holes that are drilled into the affected area and fills the voids and compacts the soil by its expansive pressure. The advantages of using polyurethane resins for soil stabilization and void filling are:

  • It expands 20 times its liquid volume and moves laterally to fill the entire void
  • Creates a moisture seal barrier, eliminating water penetration
  • Quick drying time
  • Light weight
  • Provides a permanent solution

Soil stabilization in Florida is important. If the soil is not stabilized, it can cause a sinkhole to form. Florida has recorded more sinkhole than any other state in the country. This is because of the soluble limestone that is throughout the state. When water runs through limestone, it will dissolve the limestone creating voids and possible sinkholes.

Soil Stabilization and Seawall Repair

If you have a seawall at your Florida home or business, it is important to keep it stabilized. Foundation Professionals of Florida uses helical anchors to give your seawall strength and keep it solid. Installing helical anchors is cost effective and can be done quickly. They can be installed on both sides of the seawall.

The helical anchors that Foundation Professionals of Florida uses are the best in the industry. Whether you are building a new seawall or have an existing seawall, let Foundation Pros of Florida install helical seawall anchors to keep the wall strong and stable so that you won’t have bigger repair costs in the future.

Foundation Professionals of Florida takes pride in the outstanding reputation we have established. We are a fully qualified licensed Florida contractor. Our customers come first and we use good business practice and are dedicated to delivering quality work.

For soil stabilization and seawall repair in Florida, contact the experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida. We will give you a free estimate and answer any of your questions. Don’t hesitate, contact us today!