What to Do When You Have a Sinkhole Around Your Florida Home

Florida Sinkholes and InsuranceSinkholes come in a variety of sizes. Small holes often require only filling with clean sand or soil. If the hole is under or very near a structure or swimming pool, your property owner’s insurance may cover assessment and repair. Mark and secure the hole and keep children and pets away. If the hole is directly impacting a house, and sinking, sagging, or cracking walls are apparent, stay out of the dwelling. These sinkholes may be dangerous to the health of you and the future of your home. Call your property insurance adjuster and report it immediately. In some communities local government agencies may assist in evacuating the home, assessing damage and reporting the sinkhole. In some counties the local Emergency Management Offices (see contact list below) render assistance when a home is endangered. Personnel from your local Water Management District may also assist in sinkhole assessment, especially if the hole potentially impacts local ground water. The incident should be reported on the appropriate Subsidence Incident Report Form and submitted to the Florida Geological Survey. Basically, you should contact someone who can help you depending on the type of sinkhole situation you may have.

settling yard sinkholeSometimes a sinkhole may become inactive, meaning it will not actively develop or impact your property, in this case, you can leave it alone. If there is an immediate danger to people or animals falling into the depression it can be filled with clay sand or fenced off. Do not try to fill it with organic material or something that could potentially decompose or release potential toxins into the underlying groundwater. This could possibly make it bigger. Many people have sinkholes on their property that are just part of the natural landscape. If one suddenly appears then we suggest filling it with clay sand as the clay-like material will slow any water movement. Water flowing into a sinkhole can cause it to expand and become more active which can make it bigger or more dangerous. Of course, you should never throw anything into a sinkhole that could possibly contaminate groundwater!

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