How do I find information on jobs with the Florida Geological Survey or the State of Florida

Jobs with the Florida Geological Survey, as well as jobs with other area of the State of Florida, are posted on the web. If you are looking for a job with the State, or with the FGS, visit the statewide website for employment at

What publications or maps may I obtain from the Florida Geological Survey?

There are a variety of maps and other publications on the FGS website. To find them, go to the FGS homepage ( and click “List of Publications”  on the right side, in the Quick Links box. After carefully reading the directions on this page, you can either view a list of publications or download publications by clicking the blue box titled “Order Form & Ordering Instructions.

Where can I buy topographic maps for Florida?

Topographic maps of Florida are available at the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Visit the USGS homepage at and click the “Maps, Imagery, and Publications” tab. Topographic maps can be found by clicking “USGS Store.”

What are the lowest and highest points in Florida?

The lowest point in Florida is sea level, where the state meets the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. The highest point in Florida, found on Britton Hill (in the northeastern corner of the state), is 345 ft above sea level.

Can a geologist look at a rock or fossil I have found and identify it for me?

Florida Geological Survey Information in FloridaYes, rocks or fossils can be identified if you personally bring the specimen to the FGS facility. The facility is located in the Gunter Building at 903 West Tennessee Street, Tallahassee, Florida. You may also choose to email them a clear photograph of the specimen or send them a sample for examination by mail to the above stated address. Contact the FGS by phone or e-mail  so that you may be referred to the most appropriate staff member. Then, you can send the sample (or its photo) directly to the attention of the person who will examine it and arrange for its return. If you plan to visit the FGS, be sure to contact them beforehand to ensure the availability of the staff.

Can you test the soil from my garden or give me information on the soils in my area?

Information on soils is readily available at the United States Natural Resources Conservation Service’s website: For information specific to your area, click “Find a Service Center.”