Sinkhole Testing for New Construction in Florida

New Construction Site Tested for SinkholesWhile there are many great reasons to live in Florida, there are a few difficulties that its residents can encounter. One of these difficulties is the potential for the formation of sinkholes. Sinkholes are a dangerous problem and can be especially troublesome and hazardous on new construction sites. If a sinkhole forms under your home, it can be a devastating experience. Sinkholes often cause foundation problems such as a settling foundation, and larger sinkholes can cause your entire home to collapse. While it is ideal to test for sinkholes before beginning a new construction project, this is not always a practical solution for building contractors, as the tests are rather extensive and quite expensive.

Testing for Sinkholes in Florida

Generally, testing for sinkholes on new construction sites is not required by building codes. For this reason, most building contractors do not provide sinkhole testing for private home sites. It is, however, possible to have your property tested for sinkholes or potential sinkholes on your own. Many professional geologists and geotechnical engineering consultants can perform tests to locate cavities that can form sinkholes. Unfortunately, these tests are beyond most people’s budgets and the results are not always conclusive.

If you think that your new construction project may have a sinkhole forming, your best option is to contact a contractor that specializes in sinkhole repair. We provide sinkhole inspection and repair options for Florida residents. Our repair methods include compaction grouting and void filling so you won’t have to worry about sinkholes causing damage to your new property. Sinkhole repairs are much more cost effective than having to deal with the catastrophic damage that sinkholes can cause to your home. Foundation Professionals of Florida can provide you with professional sinkhole repair services. Contact us today for more information.