Lawn Watering and Sinkholes

Sinkholes are the result of underground water eroding limestone.  This erosion causes small underground pockets and caves, when the ceiling of these areas can no longer support the weight of the sediment above, it collapses. Causing a sinkhole.   There are multiple events that might trigger a sinkhole to collapse, however, lawn watering is NOT one of them. Typically the water well for a resident is not sufficient to influence the water table enough to cause sinkhole collapse.  You can rest at ease during the summer, knowing that lawn watering will have no effect on the stability of the soil around your home.

There are a few triggers to be aware of that might cause an underground cave to turn into a sinkhole. First and foremost is a drought.  When soil is dry and hot it contracts, this contraction might be all that it takes for the sinkhole to collapse in on itself.   Additionally, any good construction company will be aware of this, but new construction can sometimes trigger holes as well as construction blasting.  The final trigger is heavy rainfall and extremely saturated soils.   A particularly wet and damp season will make soils heavier, this added weight might be all that it takes to collapse a sinkhole.

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