Do you want to know how to drain water away from your foundation? This article is going to take a deep dive into the following subjects:

  • Signs
  • Causes
  • Negative Effects
  • And Solutions

Signs Of Water Drainage Problems

If you notice any of the following signs of water drainage problems, take action now! If you let issues sit for too long, you will end up paying a fortune in restoration costs.

  • Overflowing gutters
  • Muddy areas in your yard
  • Efflorescence or flaking walls in your basement
  • Leaks in your basement or crawlspace
  • Odors in your home
  • Mold on your walls
  • Or rot on your basement furniture

Don’t let these issues go unnoticed or linger for too long. Next, let’s learn about what causes water drainage problems.

How To Drain Water Away From Your Foundation

What Causes Water Drainage Problems?

Grading – One of the most significant causes of water draining toward your foundation has to do with grading. What is grading? Grading is like sculpting your property so that everything flows and works appropriately. When water lands in your yard and there’s no place it can go, you’ll end up with water pooling up everywhere. So grading allows water to slope and drains in the directions you want it to.

Or if your neighbors have poor grading, water can be draining from their yard into yours, doubling the issues. Soil takes time to absorb the water, and you do not want all that water sitting next to your foundation.

Soil – Water works with soil differently from each other. Some soil has a lot of clay which makes it difficult for water to permeate through and drain off.

Gutters – Gutters help water exit your roof without pouring over the sides. If your gutters are clogged with leaves or debris, they are going to lose their effectiveness soon. If you have downspouts that land right at the base of your home, you will have serious drainage problems. Downspouts need to be leading water far away from your foundation.

Driveway – Your driveway can also be a culprit of water draining toward your foundation. You could have cracks in the asphalt or brick that allow water to build up and pool. And if your driveway is not sloped away from your home, you will have the same issue with grading.

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How To Drain Water Away From Your Foundation
How To Drain Water Away From Your Foundation
How To Drain Water Away From Your Foundation
How To Drain Water Away From Your Foundation

Effects Of Water Drainage Problems

Below are some of the outcomes that water drainage problems can lead to.

Mold – When there is water and dampness, there tends to be mold. Water pooling up on the side of your foundation can become the perfect home for mold growth. Besides being gross, mold can also bring serious health issues like eye and skin irritation, coughing, and lung infections.

Bugs – When water pools up, it creates the perfect home for mosquitos and other pests. Mosquitos breed in shallow water and will typically lay their eggs near stagnant water. In humid states, mosquitos can be everywhere, carrying potential diseases.

Lawn – Your lawn can become an over-watered swamp. Plants need oxygen just as much as they need water. When water has nowhere to go and saturates the soil, it drowns the plants or grass.

Basement – If you have a basement, and water is draining toward your foundation, it’s going to find its way through cracks, joints, window wells, or porous concrete. Please read this article for more information on the effects of water in your basement and solutions for removing it.

Foundation – Your foundation is an essential part of the house. Since your home rests upon it, a foundation needs to be strong. Any damage to your foundation can be a significant financial and safety concern. Once your foundation has been exposed to water for a long time, you may start to notice more signs. Such as:

How To Drain Water Away From Your Foundation
  • Cracks in your basement or home
  • Doors that stick or don’t close
  • Uneven floors
  • Bowed or bending walls

The threat of water to your foundation is the number one reason you might want to learn how to drain water away from your foundation’

How To Drain Water Away From Your Foundation

Here we have all of the best solutions to ensure water is not draining toward your foundation.

Clean Your Gutters – Simple enough? Thoroughly clean out all leaves, twigs, dirt, or anything piled up. Then flush out the rest with water, and if the water does not come down the downspout, that’s where the clog is.

Extend Your Downspouts – Add an extender if your downspout ends less than 6 feet from your home. These devices easily attach to your existing downspout and typically cost less than $10. You can find them at your local hardware store or online.

Add French Drain – A French Drain is a perforated pipe just below the soil’s surface to promote water drainage. Buried just 4″ below the surface, these solid SDR-35 lines are run at least 20 feet from the foundation and move water to a safe area. French Drains are sloped the same as drain tile. They help to dissipate moisture into the ground, collect standing water, and move it elsewhere.

Improve Grading – If you only have a few spots that are letting water drain improperly, you may be able to get away with only fixing those areas. If you have major drainage issues affecting the whole yard, you may have to do some groundskeeping. The soil around your house should slope at least 6 inches within 10 feet of the foundation. If this is not the case, you need to add dense soil (preferably clay soil) to the area to create proper grading and prevent moisture from accumulating under the foundation. Like a French drain, this project requires a good amount of physical labor and is better left to professionals.

How To Drain Water Away From Your Foundation
How To Drain Water Away From Your Foundation

Add Sump Pump – A sump pump is a fixture in a home’s basement or crawl space. It helps remove groundwater from underneath your home, preventing water from seeping through your floor. Water or heavy precipitation becomes a significant issue in your basement and home without a sump pump (which sits in the sump “pit”).

Who To Call For Foundation Problems

If you have drainage problems, who should you call for help? The repair solutions described above are not DIY projects. So, you’ll need to call a pro. Check out Foundation Professionals of Florida, an award-winning and top-performing company. We specialize in all your foundation repair needs and can provide any of the services above.