Nearby Sinkholes

Sinkholes in Florida are very common, this is due to the composition of the sediment in an under the soil.  Florida is littered with underground caves and caverns, most of these contain water.  Over centuries the limestone under the soil has been worn away by the water.  Once the ceiling  of the cavern can no longer support the weight above it, it will collapse in on it’s self, creating a sinkhole.


The good news for you is that if you do notice a sinkhole across the street or near a neighbors home is that you will most likely not need to worry. Sinkholes are typically isolated events, occurring in individual pockets. Of course it is always safe to inspect your property looking for loose soil or soft areas, but you should not have to worry. Unless the sinkhole is very large (which is very rare) your home will be in good condition.

Foundation Professionals of Florida are here to help you with any foundation repair or sinkhole problems that you face. Examine our website for all that there is know on sinkholes and foundation repair. The best way to save money and prevent further damage to your home is to be as educated as possible, we will provide you with the information and resources to keep your home in the best shape possible. If you are in need of our services, call today! Our expert team wants to help keep your home safe and comfortable.