Permeation grouting is a method where liquid resin is injected into the ground to allow resin to permeate the soil before reacting. Once reacted, the soil and resin form a strong, impermeable mass in the ground that increases the load-bearing capacity of the soil.

At Foundation Professionals of Florida, we use Prime Flex 910. It is a rigid hydrophobic foam that can be used for permeation grouting. A low dose of catalyst is used slowing down the reaction which allows the material to permeate loosely compacted soil. The resin is normally injected through small diameter pipes or “probes” driven into the weak or unstable soil to a specific depth. A small single component electric pump such as our Impact 540 is ideal for pumping the resin into the probes. The probes are raised at specific intervals as the resin is injected to form columns of stabilized soil.

Hydro Gel SX is a polyurethane gel that can be mixed with up to 15 parts water and injected using our M2 air operated pump. Hydro Gel SX forms a flexible gel that bonds sand and soil together to form an impermeable mass. Due to the high water to resin ratio, Hydro Gel SX is very economical and can be used as a grout curtain for containment of hazardous below grade contaminates or for cutting off groundwater movement.

Permeation Grouting, the Soil Grouting Solution in Florida

Permeation grouting is the most common soil grouting solution used in many situations, such as:

    • Filling voids in the soil or rock formation – an example of this would be if your concrete floor slab were tilting to one side, the grout would be injected under the slab and would act like a hydraulic jack raising the slab back to its original level.
    • Injected into rock fractures to improve stability of the rock formation – this is commonly used for pre-construction site improvement to control soft-ground settlements
    • Strengthens granular soils – injecting grout into granular soils bonds the grains together enabling it to carry the loads of structures
    • Used in leaking subterranean structures – grouting in leaking subterranean controls water flow and limits ground movement during construction.
    • Stabilizes the ground and prevents slope failure
    • Adds compressive strength beneath foundations

Permeation grouting adds bearing capacity to soils to achieve higher loads and obstruct water movement through the soil. For soil stabilization in Florida, contact our experts today. We serve Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Lake City, and the surrounding areas. We have the experience and products to stabilize your soil for many years to come.

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