pompano beach, fl southern location service areaLocated in Pompano Beach, Florida, our Southeast Florida location provides residents living in and near Miami with professional solutions for foundation repair, sinkhole repair, seawall repair, and more. Because a lot of people in this area have beachfront property, a common problem here is coastal erosion. If this is an issue in your home, contact Foundation Professionals of Florida for seawall repair to ensure that your property and structure are properly protected from erosion. Erosion and shifting soils can also lead to unstable foundations. If your foundation is not properly supported by the ground underneath, it will sink and settle, possibly even resulting in foundation cracks. These cracks can then allow water to enter your home. Fortunately, our Pompano Beach crew has experience in both foundation repair and waterproofing for homes in the Miami, FL area.

Scroll over the above map to see the service area for our Pompano Beach, FL location. We serve the counties of Miami-Dade, Lee, Collier, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Martin, Broward, Monroe, and more in Southern Florida.

Services We Offer in The Pompano Beach, FL Area

Seawall Erosion Repair

Erosion can wash away sand from the shoreline and cause the ground under your home’s foundation to shift. This can lead to various structural problems. We offer seawall erosion repair with grout injections and seawall tiebacks to stabilize seawalls and protect your home from erosion.

Foundation Repair

Has your foundation started to settle or crack due to shifting soils underneath? If it has, you might notice other problems throughout the home – cracked walls or ceilings, sticking doors or windows, leakage, and sloped floors. We can install foundation piers to lift and secure your home.


Foundation cracks and erosion can cause water to collect around your home either on the surface of the ground or underground. This water might then leak into your home, causing wood rot, mold growth, and other kinds of damage. Luckily, we offer various waterproofing solutions.